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Our style of yoga

Ananda Marga adheres to the Tantra Yoga system, the world’s oldest and most comprehensive dating back 7000 years. In the past years celebrities, professionals, housewives and students have passed trough the portals of the Maamo Yoga Center only to come out fully refreshed, relaxed, light and enlightened all at the same time!

The yoga classes are a combination of many yoga techniques such as deep relaxation, deep breathing, yogic dance, yoga asanas (exercises), self-massage, chanting and meditation. Participants have all reported one benefit or another from loss of weight, to loss of sleeplessness, even loss of anger and depression!

Ananda Marga yoga emphasizes slow, gentle movements of the body combined with contemplation and mental imagery to enhance the effect of relaxation and stress release. Its gentle, subtle style is pleasing to those who seek yoga as a means to de-stress after a tough day at the office or home. Yoga injuries are unheard of in Ananda Marga’s non-competitive approach. Our meditation techniques are a comprehensive combination of concentration, sublimation and ideation. All of the head teachers are  graduates from Seva Dharma Mission’s International School of Yoga and Social Service.


Yoga classes in Metro Manila

Ananda Marga, the first yoga group to teach regular yoga classes in Manila, Philippines (since 1967), offers instruction in yoga asanas, yogic treatment, relaxation and meditation  through regular courses and personal instruction. A basic course consist of 8 classes taken once a week.

Ananda Marga in Philippines is a charitable not-for-profit organization. Our yoga classes and meditation instructions in Sikatuna Village Quezon City, Metro Manila are open to all ages.

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